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Breakfast Culture

When breakfast is not just a breakfast. For the ultimate breakfast in bed experience, lay on one of the crisp white mattresses on the beach, just a step away from the sea, and enjoy the first light of dawn at Chaweng Beach. Gather with friends or loved ones at the Breakfast Culture table for the freshest bread and pastries, savory menus and the finest tea and coffee as you delight in the unique atmosphere of the East Coast.

Tea by the Sea

Take a deep breath and let the gentle lullaby of the waves drift you to an afternoon of relaxed sophistication. With a well-curated selection of choice tea and a fine variety of savories, sandwiches, delicate pastries, fruit and scones, it is a fitting highlight to a day of sun, sand and surf.

101 Cocktails + 10 Tapas + 10 Munches

Offering an ensemble of more than a hundred eclectic drink selections coupled with the most artistic interpretations of flavorful tapas and snacks, The Beach Bar has quickly become an institution in Koh Samui especially to those in search of the amazing and out-of-the-ordinary. Will it be a “Bashful Grissini Dipper” paired with a “Rusty Nail” or will it be a “Bubba’s Shrimping Empire” with “Tom Yum Rum”? The answer, of course, is both.

Wagyu Beef MBS 9+

There’s wagyu and then there’s Wagyu. With a Marbling Score of 9+, let the rich tender body and distinctive melt-in-the- mouth velvety texture of Australian Wagyu’s highest grade sway you to an evening of gastronomic delights. Undoubtedly, it’s the finest Wagyu beef available in the island.

Starlit Dinnerscapes

Treat yourself and a loved one to an evening of culinary indulgences along a soft stretch of pristine white sandy beach. The Library is proud to present an artistic private dinner setup complete with a personal butler and tailor-made menu perfect for the occasion.

Cooking with Class

Let The Library’s culinary team introduce you to the myriad tastes and artistry of authentic Thai cooking. Each class will teach you how to prepare a Thai appetizer, main course and dessert, supervised by The Page’s top chef. After which you will be able to enjoy a sumptuous lunch, dining on the dishes you have helped to create.